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Stay tuned to our rules, as they can be changed at any time without notice!

By using our services you agree to these rules and SkittleMC terms of service. When using our services on Discord/Minecraft you also agree to follow Mojang/Discord terms of service.

Blacklist = Blacklists means a permanent removal from the network and is not possible to appeal.

Major = Major offenses, for severe offences that will be enforced strictly.

Moderate = Moderate offenses, for less severe offences aimed at creating a friendly and safe environment.

Minor = Minor offenses, for much less severe offences. Aimed to remove annoying behaviour and create a more enjoyable atmosphere.

Some categories have multiple class tags, this simply means that depending on the situation we may apply either of these categories of which is more appropriate.

Things to note

- Punishments may vary depending on staff, history and situation. Punishments may stack and may apply across the entire network.

- Staff will keep the evidence for 72 hours and if an appeal is made after the 72 hours the burden of evidence is on the user.

- Use common sense and don’t attempt to find loopholes in the rules.

- Purchase support and Punishment Appeals at:

Minecraft Server Rules

What's not allowed & Notes
Illegal Activity

- DDoS, doxxing, ip-logging, phishing or other types of illegal hacking (not to be confused with hacked minecraft clients).

- Breaking any laws whilst using our service(s).

NSFW Material

- Any kind of adult or sexual content is not permitted on our services and will be strictly enforced. Such as: asking for, soliciting or distributing porn or other obscene material.

Intrusion of Privacy

- Leaking or sharing personal information about someone who did not want their information leaked or shared. Make sure to ask for consent before sharing any information about someone.

Forging information

- Faking or framing evidence or information about someone or something.

- Creating false reports on other players/users.


- Chargeback. You will be banned from buying anything again on 99% of all minecraft servers. Make sure you are entirely sure on every purchase made!

- Third party selling, any trade that involves a skittle item for any non-skittle items (with value) or currency.

Server Wrecking

- Trying to lag or crash the server on purpose, such as building lag machines.

- Exploiting bugs, glitches, features or illegal items for self-gain in order to get an advantage over someone else.

- Trying to use bots on the server to cause harm.

Hacked Clients

- Any client that gives you an unfair advantage over someone else.

- New accounts will be permanently removed.


- Hate speech (racism, sexism, homophobia, antisemitism etc.).

- Death threats and/or suicide encouragement.

- Insults and/or other hateful comments.

- Harassment, bullying, participating - and/or creating drama.

- If staff considers your behaviour in general to be toxic for whatever reason they reserve the right to remove you from the network, temporarily or permanently. .


- Posting/sending an IP, urls or invite link(s) to another server or another third party product that you're selling.

- Telling people to join other servers, publically or in dm's.

Chat Obstructions

- Speaking another language in public that is not English, this is an English speaking server.

- Spamming or flooding the chat with multiple similar messages in a row.

- Mini-modding, see someone break the rules notify staff, if none are online notify them on discord.

- Inappropriate nicknames, prefixes or suffixes. Nicknames must be mentionable by other users.

- Spamming the same noticeable commands. (command spamming)

- Talking publicly about punishments. This just breeds drama and misunderstanding. Feel free to talk with staff about it instead.

- Spreading false information about the server or staff members. (server slander)

- Excessive use of caps.


- Lying about or tricking people to do commands that cause irreversible damage.

- Aiding another person in breaking the rules.

- Evading a punishment given by staff.

- Impersonating a staff member, other players without permission, systems, system messages or the owner/admins (for self-gain).

Other Notes

- If you have issues with a certain staff member, please make a staff/player report instead of publicly speaking about it. Staff are only allowed to handle a staff report which are not on themself.

- Keep real dating activities off the server. Only fake (roleplay, jokingly) dating can occur that does not involve any inappropriate or NSFW content.

Roleplay Rules

What's not allowed & Notes

- Destroying other people’s creations or creating unwanted structures / claims nearby other people’s creations.

- Setting warps or homes in other people’s claims or bases without permission.


- Similar to griefing, don’t take anything that isn’t yours. If you do, make sure you have permission first.

- Scamming. Scamming is like stealing with more steps, you're expected to hold your end of the deal. Transactions are recommended to be screenshotted and recorded.

Unfair PvP

- Teleporting another player with the purpose to kill them, with an exception being /warp pvp. You cannot kill someone within 5 minutes of teleporting them (1 minute in the PvP arena).

- Building traps designed to kill players after teleporting them to you.

- Combat logging, if a player logs off in the middle of a PvP fight they need to log back in within 5-10 minutes in order to not be punished for combat logging.

- Fishing rods, flying, ender pearls or other teleportation devices are not allowed in PvP.

Chat obstruction

- Don’t use &k in nicknames.

- Don’t use the colours &0 and &1 in nicknames or as chat colors.

Inappropriate Roleplay

- Erotic roleplay, inappropriate sexual conversations between users are NOT allowed.

Other Notes

- You don’t keep your inventory if you die in the nether, PvP or the end.

- Build at least 70 blocks away from someone else's claim, don't set homes or warps in other people’s claims or bases without permission.

- Empty, unused or useless claims can be unclaimed in an unclaim request.

- Obscene (sexual) builds and maps will be removed. Report these to staff if found.

- You must follow all minecraft server rules as well.

You got banned or muted? WHAT TO DO?

In case of a Permanent punishment the only solution will be to appeal it on our support discord here: